I am a postdoctoral research associate working with Drs. Paul Armsworth, Monica PapeĊŸ, and Xingi Giam in NIMBioS at the University of Tennessee. Before the start this position, i work in College of Life Sciences at Tianjin Normal University as an associate professor. I an conservation bioglogist, my researches focuse on the applicaion of Ecological Niche Modeling in biodiversity conservation, most of my research was related to the insect, including true bugs, moth, dragonfly, et al. That is because i have an entomological background. However, i have enxtended my research topics to other endangered animals, relic shrubs, disease transmissions and theoretical ecology issue. I am now familiar with Ecological Niche Modeling for analysis species’ ecological dimensions and potential distributions, here in NIMBioS, we seek to move beyond niche model prediction into conservation applications. We try to integrate the spatial prediction of niche model outputs with model portfolio theory to optimize the conservation invest in space and time.


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